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Types of questions to ASK on the Tumblr:
  • Questions related to 'Souls as a whole, including, but not limited to:
    • Rules, procedures, regulations
    • Luperci, the 'Soulsverse, game mechanics, realism
    • Plots, events, features
    • Roleplaying, writing, etiquette
    • Statistics, analytics, technical stuff
  • Questions related to the administration
  • Questions answerable by only the administration
  • Complaints or other private/confidential commentary, most of which is not published

The following should NOT be asked to this Tumblr:
  • Questions irrelevant to 'Souls
  • Personal questions to individual administrators unrelated to 'Souls
  • Questions related to a specific pack -- these should be directed to the pack's leadership
  • "How to" questions related to graphics, coding, etc. We're not opposed to answering a broad question about image permission rights or graphics-related rules, but for "how to" questions, the Talents forum is much more useful, would provide a wider range of answers, and be more easily accessed by others with the same or similar questions.
  • Error and troubleshooting questions -- these should be posted to the Maintenance topic, Questions and Help, or via a PM to the 'Souls Assemblage account. It's hard for us to troubleshoot stuff via Tumblr since it's not very good at facilitating a back-and-forth conversation where we ask for details/specifics.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What is your take on maned wolves? They are in the subfamily Caninae just as wolves are so would they have the ability to shift?
soulsrpg soulsrpg Said:

Only canines in the genus Canis have the ability to shift. Maned wolves are Chrysocyon brachyurus, putting them in the genus Chrysocyon, so they can’t shift. 

Similarly, other canines in the subfamily Caninae but outside of the genus Canis, such as foxes (Vulpes), African Wild Dogs (Lycaon) and dholes (Cuon), cannot shift.

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